DotComSecrets X Review

Here is my DotComSecrets X review which was created for those that are looking to earn money online using list building techniques.


DotComSecrets X Review

The concept behind Russell Brunson’s DotComSecrets X program is to primarily make a lot of money online through an email list. The following core processes are covered:

  • the first is how to build a list
  • the second is how to build the list fast using mostly free methods
  • the third step will explore how you can make money from the list you just built

This system is NOT related to SEO, PPC, Twitter or Facebook.

Generally, when it comes to building a list, it involves the following three steps:

  • Step 1 is to build a squeeze page
  • Step 2 is to sell a product to those that provided you their name and email to help you cover your advertising costs
  • Step 3 is to then purchase advertising so that you can then get traffic towards your squeeze page

However there are other steps involved in order to accomplish those three steps which is where a lot of people fail to succeed, such as the creation of the product to promote, the creation of the graphics for your websites appropriate content for your sales letter and so on.

This is why Russell Brunson has created the DotComSecrets X system, where they provide several squeeze pages that have been proven to convert, they provide multiple offers to sell in order to cover your costs for advertising, and also provide the exact locations where you can purchase advertising to ensure you get a high return on your investment. Additionally, over twenty websites are revealed where you can receive free traffic.



DotComSecrets X System

The DotComSecrets X system is composed of a series of tasks and Shortcuts to help you build an online business. The Shortcuts are named as such because a lot of the work for each of these Shortcuts has been performed by DotComSecrets, it is just a matter of applying those to help you build your business.
Here are the just some of the benefits and features of the DotComSecrets X system:

  • methods learned during the course can be applied to any online business
  • the system provides a range of Shortcuts to help you build your business online
  • access to the top converting Self Liquidating Offers (SLO) to use for your business
  • access to the done for you list building shortcuts where auto responders are prepared for the squeeze pages on all the SLO’s, which means list building will commence when you start promoting your offers
  • access to the 30 days of free traffic coaching, where two secret traffic sources are revealed which will drive fast, cheap and even free traffic to your offers
  • over 80 locations are revealed where you can get a high return on investment on the SLO’s that are provided
  • access to a large private network of websites to give free advertising
  • the ability to earn an residual monthly income if you refer others to join this program. The amount can increase if they in turn refer others to join the program. The steps to refer others are taught within the first seven days .
  • access to the Internet Marketing Illuminati membership site
  • access to the digital version of the DotComSecrets Print Journal, where you can get access to the previous archives and ongoing versions each month
  • get access to the live Sketch Casts each month which goes into detail the techniques used to make money
  • view over the shoulder coaching where each step is shown in detail and can be replicated on your own promotions



DotComSecrets X Offer

At the time of wriing this review, the offer allows you to sign up for $1, in addition a special arrangement was made where when you become a member, you get access to free advertising for your promotions.

If after 30 days you are not making money, or you’re not happy for any reason, then your membership program can be cancelled if you desire.


Thankyou for reading my DotComSecrets X review.

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