My Mobile Money Pages Review

Here is my My Mobile Money Pages review which was created for those that are looking to earn money online using professionally looking, competitive Google friendly pages promoting hot products.

My Mobile Money Pages Review

There are over 5 billion mobile phones in the world with over 20 percent having instant access to the internet and buying products online, so the ability to earn money from this source is increasing. It just requires you to have a site on the internet with the product that buyers are searching for.


My Mobile Money Pages


The concept around My Mobile Money Pages is to be able to build Google friendly, highly competitive professional sites on the internet very fast without the need of alot of technical skill. The system is broken down into a three stage process that is simple to follow.

The system will handle the products to sell, the hot items that people want to purchase and also how people will visit your money page.

Money is earned through various avenues which can include Adsense, Amazon, eBay, Commission Junction and Linkshare.



My Mobile Money Pages System

The My Mobile Money Pages system is primarily composed of the softtware that performs the creation of the Mobile Money Pages. It is essentially a three stage process where the first stage involves the creation of the money page. The second stage involves gathering the money getting keywords which the system gathers and is based on what people enter when searching. Once these words are captured, they are then used in the third stage of the process.

Here are the just some of the benefits and features of the My Mobile Money Pages system:

  • basic sites can be created in under two minutes
  • the system locates buyer keywords appropiate for the niche involved
  •  saves hours or even days to create professional looking websites that are created in a few minutes
  • no technical experience is required
  • web design skills are not required
  • no programming skills are required
  • you don’t need your own website
  • the system builds quality authority backlinks to your site
  • money page is automatically updated with fresh content
  • ability for your money page to be translated to over 40 different languages
  • potentially create mobile money pages for any market
  • the domains and hosting are supplied
  • access to the mobile money system is also available on mobile phone for the convenience of being able to build these sites anywhere




My Mobile Money Pages Offer

When you become a member of My Mobile Money Pages, you get access to this sofware to build mobile money pages. At the time of writing this review however, there is limited server capacity and of support staff so the availability of this offer could be limited.

The product comes with a 100% risk free money back guarantee within the first 56 days with no strings attached.


Thankyou for reading my My Mobile Money Pages review.

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